Production & Sustainability

What makes SOGOODTOWEAR a sustainable brand?

We care for ethics and aesthetics. Sustainable cashmere made with care, without harming animals and without thousands of anonymous people non-stop working on it. It is a conscious process, which we improve day by day. This also means that we don’t follow the herd and launch seasonal collections. We create timeless pieces that will last a long time.

Our business started with our drive to create financial prosperity for the local community of Nepal, in a sustainable way. Therefore, we operate as a real cooperation and involve local farmers, spinners and weavers every step of the way. All our profits are reinvested or spent on improving the living conditions. Check also our story about how we started.

Our goal is to create a “whole chain” organization, where we can monitor what is happening from the goat to shop. This way we can guarantee that we produce and sell fair trade, animal friendly and sustainable products.

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How sustainable is the production of SOGOODTOWEAR products?

With the production of our items, we do not harm animals and make sure of good working conditions for everyone in the production chain. To make sure we can live up to this promise, we build long-term relationships with all our suppliers and carefully select the best factories to outsource the processes we don’t own yet.

Right now we use yarn from an eco-certified factory in China with good working conditions. Our yarn has the following certificates:

However, we are working on breeding our own hurdle of goats together with local communities of Nepal. We use innovative and ethical ways to breed and herd these goats, without causing any environmental damage. We are always improving our production process and recently started to only use natural dye in our products. This way we minimize the use of toxic chemicals in the making process. Read our story about natural dye here. We continuously improve on other aspects as well. Right now we are working on more sustainable packaging.

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