Our mission

Sogoodtowear is a cooperation of entrepreneurs, farmers, spinners and weavers in Nepal and designers, activist entrepreneurs and clothing sellers in the Netherlands. A real multinational. Our goal is not to make a profit to distribute to shareholders. All profits of our company are reinvested or spent on improving the living conditions in Nepal, one of the the poorest countries of Asia.

Sogoodtowear has developed the plan for a ‘whole chain organization’ where we can monitor what is happening from the goat that supplies the cashmere to the shop where the luxury fashionable essentials of Sogoodtowear are sold. This way we can guarantee that we produce and sell fair trade, animal friendly and sustainable products and with it, make the world a little better.

To realize this, we are busy crossing a new breed of goats that can live in Nepal and that will deliver a great quality cashmere. The plan is to build more than three hundred small farms within ten years and thereby generate income for nearly a thousand families.

The new breed that we have named Almathea – after the god of the goats – is a combination between local goats and a special breed of which we have flown a number of males from Australia to Nepal as an ancestor. The first babies were born in August 2019.

SoGoodToWear is made in a fair-trade knitting factory in Nepal, where talented artisans process the high quality cashmere into our custom designs. We use yarn from a eco-certified factory in China with good working conditions but intend to control the whole chain. That’s why we restart the cashmere industry in Nepal.

SoGoodToWear works with animal friendly cashmere that we currently stock from outside suppliers. We are taking this a step further, and we’ve started our own goat herds in the higher regions of Nepal. We use innovative and ethical ways to breed and herd goats, without causing any environmental damage. In our guidelines we have written down our principles.