Our Origin

Our manifest
We believe it is time to redefine our values and take our responsibility in the production and consumption of cashmere. We believe that it is possible to make cashmere garments that not only look and feel good, but also do good.

We see the process of making a cashmere sweater as a craft. A skill enhanced over time, honed to perfection until you are able to notice the delicacy of the fabric from across the room. It can unite cultures, drive honest conversations and create conscious awareness.

We believe that this process shouldn’t involve faceless, anonymous people working 18-hour days for a meagre wage. We also believe that it shouldn’t involve harming animals to make the production faster and cheaper.

True craftsmanship is like a piece of art, it comes from the heart. It takes determination, courage and persistence to complete, requires a community to perfect and inspires change makers to act. It’s for those who strive for something better, not only for themselves but for all. Let’s do ourselves a favour.

Together we are recrafting cashmere.