SoGoodToWear brings fairtrade to the Cashmere industry, from goat herding to retail.

We are setting up a new goat industry in Nepal. Join us in starting this new herd of Cashmere goats in Gorkha, the heavily earthquake-affected province in Nepal. We succesfully crowdfunded the start of the program to finance goats, fences, stables, sheepsdogs, but also spinning-wheels and facilities where our partners in Nepal can spin and colour wool.

A completely new goat industry for the earthquake victims in Nepal!

Join us in starting a new herd of Cashmere goats in Gorkha, the heavily earthquake-affected province in Nepal. SoGoodToWear wants to return the whole Cashmere industry back to Nepal. Small scale goatherding, with respect for nature and animal, combing by hand, spinning, and colouring with natural materials, and processing them into slow fashion items, which will last a lifetime.

This provides structural employment opportunity, exactly where its needed, in the earthquake affected areas where there is currently little to no work. And exactly these areas provide the perfect surroundings for a healthy herd. This isn’t just emergency aid that will fall away again.

How much do we need?

  • A Cashmere goat costs 100 euros
  • A sheepsdog, including training, costs 250 euros
  • A cashmere buck, which we are importing from Italy, costs 400 euros
  • Besides this we need money to fund the goat habitats, (animal-friendly) protecting from predators, spinning-wheels to process the wool into threads, a community space where there can be spun and which can function as a space to educate locals on animal welfare, sustainable goat-herding, spinning, colouring etc.
  • With 50.000 euros we can start already
  • But with 100.000 we can realize all our ambitions.

What is in it for you?

  • Together we’re building a high quality industry in a sustainable way and provide structural employment opportunities and a perspective for the future.
  • Through your donation you’ll stay involved as a member of the social enterprise.
  • You’ll have insight in where your money goes and you’ll be able to voice your input on the project.
  • You’ll get an attractive 20% discount in the webshop of SoGoodToWear.
  • You can buy one or several goats. But you can also buy one goat with several others (max 5 people), all of whom will get 20% discount in the SoGoodToWear webshop.
  • We’ll start the campaign on December 1st, 2016.
  • We hope that we’ll have reached our goals by January 31st, 2017.