We redesign the production process of cashmere with new and restored values, by bringing back true craftsmanship and transforming it into a more conscious and personal process. Cashmere without compromises. Read our manifest

True craftmanship | A personal Touch
We believe that true handcraft is the future. It sparks exclusivity and brings back a personal touch. All of our pieces are handmade with care and eye for detail. In a fairtrade knitting factory in Nepal, talented artisans process the high-quality cashmere into our custom designs. They use traditional weaving techniques from Nepal, a very delicate technique that weavers there have been using for decades.

Sustainable cashmere | A conscious process
We care for ethics and aesthetics. Sustainable cashmere made with care, without harming animals and without exploiting the workers. We see it as a conscious process, with respect for human, animal and environmental welfare. This also means that we don’t follow the herd by launching seasonal collections. We create timeless pieces that will last a long time.

Our people | A cooperative business
We are a bunch of pioneers trying to change the cashmere industry. Our cooperation consists of entrepreneurs, farmers, spinners and weavers in Nepal and designers, activists, entrepreneurs and fashion retailers in the Netherlands. We build long term relationships with all our suppliers and carefully select the best factories to outsource the processes we don’t own yet.